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  • Studio Photographers

    Jennifer Loomis Photography

    Beautiful black and white photography for you and your family to enjoy for generations  to come.

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  • Freebies

    Jenny Rhodes: Master Your Morning

    Jenny is a self care accountability coach who cares deeply about getting her clients excited about taking charge of their life; empowering women to live with purpose and a plan
    Caring for ourselves is an act of love, which is why self care is self-love.  We’re so excellent at loving and caring for everyone else in our lives, but we’re able do it with more energy and grace when we’re caring for ourselves first!
    It all begins with your morning routine. Don’t like meditation? Don’t worry! There’s a just right self care plan for everyone, and Jenny helps you get there.
    Download her free guide to help Master your Morning and feel your best all day.
    And book a free 30 min Self Empowerment Session to help motivate you into making the changes you crave, and illuminate what areas of your life need some tender luvin’ care.
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  • Energy Workers

    Jess McKeown

    As a Spirit Baby Medium, it’s my greatest honor to connect you with your babies so you can communicate about your journey together. Think of me as a Loving Guide who supports you throughout motherhood, from conception (naturally or with assistance) to pregnancy and birth, to newborn and toddler life, and especially to those who are grieving their angel babies due to miscarriage, stillbirth, pregnancy termination, and infant loss. Together with my Spirit Team, we’re here for you.

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  • Coaching & Therapy

    Jessica Psenski

    It all starts with connection!

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate, practicing in Kirkland,  Jessica specializes in perinatal mental health and is passionate about supporting women and their partners through the transition to parenthood. Jessica sees clients experiencing infertility, miscarriage/pregnancy loss, infant loss, pregnancy, and beyond and is also a trained sex therapist.

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  • Birth Photographers

    Julia Kinnunen

    Julia Kinnunen is a professional photographer specializing in weddings, families, and birth stories. With a huge passion for supporting women throughout their pregnancies and the transition to motherhood, she is also a DONA Certified birth doula with experience in both birth center and hospital settings.

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  • Doulas

    Laura Jawad

    Birth support & fitness for the transition from pregnancy to parenthood.

    I am a pregnancy and postpartum personal trainer and birth doula, living in Redmond, WA and serving the greater Seattle area. My business is born of my own experience in pregnancy, childbirth and return to sport while rehabbing my pelvic floor. I have so much passion for supporting people who are navigating the transition from pregnancy to parenthood, while trying to maintain their sense of self. While trying to continue DOING the things that they enjoy and that make them feel whole.

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  • Premium Listings

    Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio

    Pilates. Yoga. Connection

    Emily O’Dea

    Specializing in prenatal and postnatal yoga and pilates

    Yoga and Pilates helps prepare you, mind body and soul, in preparation for baby, through pregnancy and throughout motherhood.

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  • From the Collective

    Mama Bar

    Hi! We’re Amy and Aarthy, the co-founders of Mama Bar. We are Seattle mamas with young kiddos.

    We created this product because it is something we searched for during our own experiences through pregnancy and postpartum. When pregnancy fatigue had us too exhausted to have healthy snacks and meals prepared. When we were trying to focus on eating more regularly, and getting enough protein and eating the right nutrients to grow healthy babies. When we were learning how to take care of a newborn and forgetting how to take care of ourselves. When we were up in the middle of the night feeding baby and starving!

    We wanted to nourish ourselves (and our babies) well, but often didn’t have the best options available when we needed them. Our mission at Mama Bar is to support these real life mom needs, by providing you with purposeful, high quality nutrition that is convenient and delicious! You deserve it, Mama! ⁠

    [Sponsored] Om Mama Co. is an affiliate for Mama Bar and can receive compensation from your purchase through the Om Mama Co. shop! Thank you for supporting small businesses!

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  • Premium Listings

    Mama Bar

    Supporting moms with purposeful nutrition.

    Mama Bar is a protein bar made with high-quality, real food ingredients that provide essential nutrients to support pregnancy and postpartum. 

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  • Om Mama Co.

    Mama Bundle All Access

    You’re a Part of Something Bigger

    Congrats, mama! By joining the ALL ACCESS Bundle, you’re also officially a member of Om Mama Mighty Network. Here in the Mighty Network app, you can connect with other Seattle-area mamas, share resources, and ask questions. You also receive access to:

    • Curated referrals to local business owners from the Om Mama Collective.

    • Monthly mama meetups, workshops and workouts.

    • Options to unlock more of our virtual library of educational content (like the Pelvic Floor bundle).

    After you’ve explored the Pelvic Floor bundle, head over to the main activity feed and join the conversation—you’re gonna love it!

    Let’s get started.

    To purchase, click “Purchase” and then create an account inside the Om Mama Mighty Network.
    Purchase on desktop/android to avoid iOS surcharges!
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  • Massage & Acupuncture

    Meghan Devenport LMP

    Meghan’s advanced certifications/continuing education courses taken include:

    • Sports massage

    • Neuromuscular

    • Pregnancy/Perinatal massage

    • Reflexology

    • Massage cupping

    • CranioSacral

    • Myofascial release

    • Anatomy Trains: Structural Integration

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  • Lifestyle Photographers

    Meredith McKee Photography

    Joyful + bright images capturing all of life’s milestones!

    I am for: genuine smiles, tickle fights, personality, playing chase, slobbery dogs, creativity, being yourself.
    My goal: To capture the emotion & connection between each of you. This life is precious and I’m here to celebrate your beautiful, un-perfect selves.

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