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    Aditi Yoga | Wellness

    Nourish your body and your baby in a supportive community!

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  • Lifestyle Photographers

    Alec Mills Photography

    Honest, thoughtful imagery of you + your family

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  • Fitness Programs

    Alex Sweeney, NASM-CPT

    Looking for a way to stay motivated while at home? Alex offers weekly virtual classes via Zoom. Her weekly cycle class is free/donation-based, and is accessible with any at-home stationary bike. Alex’s bootcamp series are available for 6 weeks unlimited or at a drop-in rate. Check out her Instagram Link In Bio for more information (@alexandrasweeney). She offers everything from bodyweight to dumbbell to miniband exercises, and always incorporates strength, cardio and core into her workouts. Pre- and postnatal modifications available as well! Alex is also a coach with JAXJOX, and films dumbbell, kettlebell, as well as yoga workouts that are available on the JAXJOX app. JAXJOX is known for their adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells, which are available on their website for purchase.

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  • Coaching & Therapy

    Aligned Yoga

    Find Your Zen Again

    Feel vibrant and at home in your body, move through obstacles with ease, clarify your goals, & discover the sustained positivity, and joy you deserve!

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  • Experiences

    AR Workshop

    Meet us at the studio for an instructor-led DIY session! We’re limiting public class sizes and also offer private table bookings.


    Experience the joy of AR Workshop from anywhere. Grab a kit and craft when and where it’s most convenient for you!


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    Baby Notebook App

    Your baby book assistant — reminders for milestones, upload photos in-the-moment and receive a beautiful baby book at the end of baby’s first year.

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  • From the Collective

    Baby Notebook App

    Your baby’s first year only happens once. The Baby Notebook App is as fast and easy as writing an Instagram post, except this entry will last a lifetime. Download the Baby Notebook app for FREE and have full access to the first 3 chapters of your book. Your future self will thank you.

    I am Davia, co-founder of Baby Notebook and Mama to two kiddos, ages two and four. I live in Seattle, WA. My sister and I (co-founders of Baby Notebook) grew up with photo albums in our home, something we enjoyed looking at as children and still enjoy looking at today. With so much technology in our lives, a photo is rarely printed. That’s why our app prompts you each week to upload pictures of your baby and to write down the little moments you want to remember. That is priceless! I hope this app creates a book that brings your family joy and stories to tell for years to come.

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    Birdie and Grace Co

    Sisters creating pretty things for moms & littles

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  • Om Mama Co.

    Birth Bundle

    You’re a Part of Something Bigger

    Congrats, mama! By joining the Birth Bundle, you’re also officially a member of Om Mama Mighty Network. Here in the Mighty Network app, you can connect with other Seattle-area mamas, share resources, and ask questions. You also receive access to:

    • Curated referrals to local business owners from the Om Mama Collective.

    • Monthly mama meetups, workshops and workouts.

    • Options to unlock more of our virtual library of educational content (like the Birth bundle).

    After you’ve explored the Birth bundle, head over to the main activity feed and join the conversation—you’re gonna love it!

    Let’s get started.

    To purchase, click “Purchase” and then create an account inside the Om Mama Mighty Network.
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  • Lifestyle Photographers

    Blue Rose Photography

    Specializing in organic light-filled film photography for weddings and portraits. Seattle, California, Oregon, Hawaii, and Mexico.

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  • Physical Therapy

    Body Motion Physical Therapy

    Dr. Allison Feldt, PT, DPT is the owner of Body Motion Physical Therapy and Author of Restore Your Body After Kids: The Secret To Avoid Peeing Your Pants And Achy Joints as You Age.
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  • From the Collective

    Body Motion PT: Restore Your Body After Kids

    Are you eager to reclaim your body and energy since having kids? Whether you are 6 weeks postpartum or a mom of a 16 year old, this book has you covered on exactly what you need to do to help restore your body and feel your best. Dr. Allison Feldt wants to dispel the misconception that healing after kids only takes 6 weeks. Through a holistic approach to pelvic physical therapy, core function and a focus on the health of pelvic organs, she has made it her mission to educate women on their bodies and the many ways we can be unintentionally causing long-term damage.

    Within this book, we will…Address common mistakes new mothers may make. Educate ourselves on how the female body actually works. Learn about common underlying issues (pelvic organ prolapse, scar tissue, incontinence, diastasis recti, pelvic pain and more) that if treated can save you a lifelong journey of chasing aches and pain with injections and surgeries. Hear REAL stories of REAL healing. Discover the secret to restoring your body after kids. Develop an exercise plan that is appropriate for your unique stage of recovery, AND SO MUCH MORE!

    About the author: Doctor Allison Feldt is a Pelvic Expert Physical Therapist and the owner of Body Motion Physical Therapy which is a specialty clinic helping women through pregnancy and beyond. Her passion for helping moms came from seeing women across the life span struggle with issues that could have been prevented if they had the guidance and help to heal after birth.

    Dr. Allison saw too many moms in their late 40’s and 50’s dealing with hip, knee, back, ankle, neck and shoulder issues, lots of them were suffering from incontinence, painful intercourse and heavy uncomfortable periods. These moms turned into the 60-70 year old’s with joint replacement and surgeries. Those moms then turned into the 80+ year old’s in wheelchairs and diapers in the nursing homes. This fueled Allison’s passion to help moms restore their cores (pelvic floors and bellies) after kids so they don’t have to enter this cycle. Today, she strives to spread awareness of the power of whole body restoration after kids.

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