Mama Bar

Supporting moms with purposeful nutrition.

Mama Bar is a protein bar made with high-quality, real food ingredients that provide essential nutrients to support pregnancy and postpartum. 

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Hi! We’re Amy and Aarthy, the co-founders of Mama Bar. We are Seattle mamas with young kiddos. We created this product because it is something we searched for during our own experiences through pregnancy and postpartum. When pregnancy fatigue had us too exhausted to have healthy snacks and meals prepared. When we were trying to focus on eating more regularly, and getting enough protein, and eating the right nutrients to grow healthy babies. When we were learning how to take care of a newborn and forgetting how to take care of ourselves. When we were up in the middle of the night feeding baby and starving! We wanted to nourish ourselves (and our babies) well but often didn’t have the best options available when we needed them. Our mission at Mama Bar is to support these real-life mom needs, by providing you with purposeful, high-quality nutrition that is convenient and delicious! You deserve it, Mama! ⁠


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