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  • From the Collective

    Body Motion PT: The Birth Prep No One Tells You About

    How it Works:

    1.You receive an introductory email explaining the modules to come and the importance of preparing for birth along with access to the exclusive guide. You’ll need to download the guide to receive the modules!

    2.Next comes a Welcome To Your Pregnant Body Overview, we’ll review anatomy and the changes that come along with pregnancy.

    3.The Modules Start Rolling In! Everyday at 8:00 am PST for 7 days you will receive an email with your Module for the Day!

    • Module 1 Mobility Stretches
    • Module 2 Body Mechanics
    • Module 3 Breath Patterns, How To Push & Pelvic Floor Coordination
    • Module 4 Release
    • Module 5 Core Work
    • Module 6 Pelvic Floor Meditation For Birth

    4. Once The Course Is Complete we will provide you with a link to schedule a complimentary Discovery Visit, in clinic if you’re in the Seattle Area or Virtual to anyone out of state. That way if you have any questions or concerns you can review them with a Pelvic Expert Physical Therapist!

    5. We would love to have you join our Body Motion Moms Group on Facebook! Connect with other pregnant women and enjoy the community share stories, ask questions, find recommendations and more! Click Here To Join The FB Group!

    This has been a labor of love! I want every woman to have access to this information! Regardless of their location, income level, insurance provider. Every person giving birth needs to know HOW! How to optimize their body, how to use the 9 months prior to set themselves up for a healthy birth. That those things we hear from friends, “sex feels different once you have kids”, “my core has never been the same”, “you pee when you sneeze postpartum it’s just how it is”, “back pain is normal after birth” all of these issues are symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction that could be prevented if they had the support to prepare their pelvic floor for birth and knew how to coordinate their core Exercises I use for plans of care with my patients, techniques I teach every patient.

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  • Coaching & Therapy

    Cambia NW

    Nicole is the author and creator of the Staying True to You Journal Series for mothers. These journals provide 40 weeks of guided support through education on whole Self topics, writing prompts for reflecting, goal setting, and gratitude practice. The series includes journals for ever stage of motherhood, such as becoming a new mom or as a working mother.  Nicole supplements the journaling experience with online resources, group and individual coaching, with a focus on the mother’s whole Self.  Some examples of the whole Self topics are: sleep, support systems, values, nutrition, boundaries, Self-awareness, relationships, and motherhood expectations. These journals help mothers reflect, renew and grow the most important relationship in their life – their Self.

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  • Doulas

    Christina Chacharon

    I’m a photographer and doula. I specialize in birth (support and photography), postpartum care, as well as newborn and family photography.

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  • Products

    Constellation & Co

    We use our love of snail mail to bring people together

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  • Coaching & Therapy

    Desiree Baird Sleep Coach

    Better Sleep Starts Here!

    Are you exhausted and ready to improve your little one’s sleep?

     Then you are in the right place. I can make sleep a reality.

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  • Naturopaths

    Dr. Sierra Storm, ND

    Hello! I’m Dr. Sierra Storm, ND. I help mamas who have had a c-section reduce the appearance of their scars and heal completely after surgery – even if the surgery was years ago.

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  • Physical Therapy

    Elizabeth Rogers Pilates & Physical Therapy

    Individualized low-impact fitness & injury rehab.

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  • Coaching & Therapy

    Embodied Wellness

    Nutrition and Mental Health Counseling for moms.

    There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition. I’m all about helping women build trust in themselves to nourish their bodies and their babies.

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  • Physical Therapy

    Emerald Physical Therapy

    Life is too short to live in Pain & Pantiliners!

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  • Massage & Acupuncture

    Esva Healing

    Acupuncture, parenting, kiddos, and more!
    Located in Wallingford in sunny Seattle!

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  • Coaching & Therapy

    Inner Rhythm Wellness

    From just surviving motherhood to thriving in motherhood!

    Compassionate and non-judgemental integrative postpartum health coaching and physical therapy services tailored to your unique needs.  From navigating the identity shift of motherhood, balancing home and work life, to physical and energetic symptoms such as fatigue, burnout, weight loss resistance, low energy, digestive issues, chronic pain, and burnout, I help mothers find balance in their mothering journey.


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  • Lifestyle Photographers

    Jenn Repp Photography

    Coffee-addicted, dog-loving Seattle mama with a passion for telling your stories through photography.

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