Jess McKeown

As a Spirit Baby Medium, it’s my greatest honor to connect you with your babies so you can communicate about your journey together. Think of me as a Loving Guide who supports you throughout motherhood, from conception (naturally or with assistance) to pregnancy and birth, to newborn and toddler life, and especially to those who are grieving their angel babies due to miscarriage, stillbirth, pregnancy termination, and infant loss. Together with my Spirit Team, we’re here for you.


Our sessions together are held in sacred space and for your highest good, and usually deliver a sense of peace, clarity, and joy. I use humor, compassion, and love to translate healing messsages from your Spirit Babies that can shift energetic blocks, realign you with your true nature, and support you moving forward.

Most days you can find me traveling my spiritual pathway and integrating my experiences of shamanism, yoga and meditation, energy healing, divination, crystals, astrology, and more into my practice. You’ll also find me on global adventures with my husband, oversharing about the cuteness of my two parrots, and indulging in the darkest of chocolates.

Services Offered:

Conception & Assisted Fertility Support
Surrogacy & Adoption Support
Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Support
Newborn & Toddler Support
Miscarriage, Stillborn, Abortion and Infant Loss Support
Spiritual Support


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