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Nicole is the author and creator of the Staying True to You Journal Series for mothers. These journals provide 40 weeks of guided support through education on whole Self topics, writing prompts for reflecting, goal setting, and gratitude practice. The series includes journals for ever stage of motherhood, such as becoming a new mom or as a working mother.  Nicole supplements the journaling experience with online resources, group and individual coaching, with a focus on the mother’s whole Self.  Some examples of the whole Self topics are: sleep, support systems, values, nutrition, boundaries, Self-awareness, relationships, and motherhood expectations. These journals help mothers reflect, renew and grow the most important relationship in their life – their Self.


As a mother, educator, businesswoman, and household manager, Nicole leverage’s her life experiences, Masters in Business, Masters in Family Therapy, and 15 years of Fortune 100 human resources expertise to assist moms in increasing confidence, capability, and fulfillment in their life and career.  Nicole believes that when mothers focus on taking care of our whole Self, we can then bring our best Self to others around us. Using a combination of therapeutic and business acumen tactics, Nicole also is the Co-Founder of Cambia Northwest, which partners with companies to provide coaching, workshops, events, and custom programs to create deeper support and engagement between employee and employer.

Individual & group Coaching, Organizational Health & Wellness Coaching, Workshops, Speaking Engagements

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