Distance Reiki and Why it’s Important for My Healing Journey

Guest post by OMC member, Reiki Master & Energy Worker, Stephanie Hunter-Dines


As a certified Reiki Master, I work within many healing modalities every day. Reiki is a gentle form of hands-on healing or energy work that most commonly utilizes light touch to treat the whole person and root cause of illness or discomfort. But during the last year, it has become a necessity to practice virtually through distance Reiki. Working with the distance healing modality is one of my favorites, but is often misunderstood, and therefore underestimated. I find it to be a necessary part of our healing journey, but one only some of us get to experience because of the misconceptions sometimes associated with it. 

Questions About Distance Reiki

What is Distance Reiki?
How can energy be sent to someone in another place or even another country?
How can distance Reiki help me?
Why is it important to add distance Reiki to my meditation practice?

These are all common questions I hear from clients, and why I hope to clear up some of the confusion you may be feeling. Most importantly I hope to empower you to add a new component to your meditation and healing practice.

Distance Reiki is a meditative practice where I am able to send you energy without being in the same room as you. Clients have expressed feeling the heat of my hands on their body as we work remotely, along with tingling, or what I like to call the “Reiki blanket.” It can feel like you are meditating in a beautiful warm cloud. The experience is different for everyone, and will most likely be different every time you receive it, but that’s because your needs are constantly changing. 

Energy Transcends Time and Space

Think about talking to a friend or loved one on the phone and feeling the intensity of their love without being in the same room. Have you ever thought about a person and the next day received a call that they were thinking of you as well? These are all transferences of energy. There is science behind energy and the ways with which it moves throughout the world, but the practice of receiving Reiki is rooted within expanding the understanding of yourself and your body. To some, this is not an easy task, which makes energy work all the more important for our growth. 

During a distance Reiki session, we spend time clarifying your goals and intentions for the work we are doing together. Sometimes the intention is just a starting point toward bigger things, and sometimes it is a beautiful place in and of itself to explore. Other times we realize there is work to be done before tackling your intention. No matter the route, your session will be perfect and exactly what you need at that moment. 

Beautiful Energy and Fate

Deciding to pursue energy work is also a work of beautiful energy and fate. I often notice my clients finding me at the exact right time they feel open enough to receive. Reiki works with you where you are, finding the root cause of imbalance. From there, energy is moved, released, restored, and strengthened. This can take place without your belief or understanding of Reiki, but at some point, a shift occurs, and we take responsibility for our own energetic body. This is when the real change occurs. It is the feeling and acknowledgment of our body and energy as its own special entity. It is embodying it, accepting it, and eventually unconditionally loving it. 

But first, we must feel it. And this is the main reason why distance energy work is so important. After we talk about your intentions, you’ll get cozy in your own space. I often recommend setting up a safe space for yourself with no distractions. A cozy blanket, tea, and eye pillow are wonderful accessories. Whatever makes you feel taken care of, and supported. I’ll guide you through a grounding and expanding meditation where you are led to find your personal power, and let it grow. This meditation starts the mind/body connection and guides you to feel what is often buried — all those feelings and emotions like joy or heartache, and letting it all come to the surface. 

And from there the session officially begins. The energy will have started flowing long before this moment, but the healing circle will be fully open, prepped, and ready for all the beautiful conscious work your spirit will do. After our breath is slowed, and the outside world is released, what can be felt within? As I energetically work through your entire body utilizing the seven chakra system, you may feel a variety of sensations both physical and emotional. It is the act of feeling that is important. Both allowing and trusting what is coming up to come out, because it is doing so for a reason. Trusting our higher self, and our higher support system to hold us. Understanding that we will not be dropped when our energy and vibration is high, and letting it all come out. Energy work can be messy, emotional, and raw, but most of all, it is beautiful and empowering. 

The 2020 Effect

This past year has brought on many challenges with quarantine, self-isolation, loss, and heartache. The ability for some to touch or be touched has been taken away, and that presents its own challenges. But what a beautiful opportunity to look within ourselves. To let go of all the outside noise. To bring it inward and find what that feels like and means for you. At the start of the pandemic, I felt a desire to dig deeper. It was an internal need to look further inward. This feeling was so intense, I knew I couldn’t ignore it any further. I meditated more, deepened my practice, and learned new modalities. I realized the internal need to go deeper was meant as a lesson to raise my vibration, sit within the discomfort, and continue to learn from this heightened space. This was part of my healing journey.

 I invite you to deepen yours. 

I will be sharing distance Reiki as an offering to the OmMama community and IG followers on 4/20 for a virtual takeover, and I hope you can join! 

Join me at 11:30 AM PST for a relaxing Reiki healing. I’ll be taking questions, requests, intentions, and sending Reiki to the group. If you can’t make it, you will be able to participate and receive on-demand.

 Looking forward to connecting!

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