Stephanie Hunter-Dines

Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Worker, and guide to your higher self.
I am for: Accessible tools to help, guide, and support you where you are today. Setting up a welcoming space for you to arrive, relax, and grow.
My Goal: Reconnecting you to your core self by grounding and strengthening your energetic vibration. Healing the physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds from past, present, and future.


I’m Stephanie, a Reiki Master Teacher based in Seattle (but working remotely with people all over the world!)
Reiki is a gentle form of hands on healing meant to reconnect us to our energetic bodies so we may open up, expand, and understand the deeper root cause of our discomfort. As a Mother I have seen profound benefit from this inner work, which is why I want to share with my community and Mama village. In my experience, we find Reiki at the exact perfect time we need it. Perhaps, the universe whispering a gentle nudge in our ear. I am always happy to connect and answer any questions about this healing modality.
Services offered:
Reiki healing sessions
Reiki mentorship
Group and personal guided meditation
Om mama workshops – Interactive meditation w/ Reiki


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