The Isolation of the First Trimester

first trimester isolation

Let’s talk about this time because I have a hunch that we’re lacking support in a really big way.

Some might say this could apply throughout the trajectory of the perinatal time, but today I want to address the first trimester.

This can be a window of overwhelming change, erratic emotions, adjustment and sometimes fear.

In working with pregnant individuals throughout the years, one thing is crystal clear. We need more support during these first few months.

Initially, I thought that there were primarily three main areas of concern: body image, nutrition, and exercise.

But that just scratches the surface! Here are some of the concerns I hear about in these early weeks and months:

Body Image

Your body may feel so different suddenly! The bloating, the constipation, the not- really-looking-pregnant phase that can feel so uncomfortable as your old wardrobe hugs and grabs in all the wrong places!


What to eat? Veggies suddenly are repulsive, proteins make you gag… so, how to keep anything down and how to keep from only eating starchy carbs when nausea is so unrelenting?!


How do you go from doing what you were doing prior to pregnancy to prenatal workouts? How do you know the proper exertion level? Or if you should push through fatigue to get in the workout or if you really need to rest?

And in brief…

  • Change in role—at home, with your partner, within your larger family, at work, among friends
  • Sharing your body with another being—Yikes!
  • The direct impact of your decisions on that little one growing within
  • Fears, anxieties of how life will change overall
  • Financial concerns
  • Fears around how this will impact job and potential earning power
  • Lack of support system
  • Family/extended family drama
  • Pressure not to share the news of pregnancy with work, family, friends until…
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Excitement, but cautious excitement because…what if?

I could go on, but you get the idea! And, in the meantime, you might be feeling scared and alone. Left to do your own research on the internet, in books…and we all know how overwhelming that can feel.

An internet search on exercise in pregnancy, for example, will populate page after page of exercise recommendations—each with their own take on what’s safe, important to include, what to avoid etc.

So during this early time in pregnancy, when questions abound and you’re waiting for your first prenatal appointment, you might also find yourself waiting to get hooked into a prenatal community once you “feel” or “look” more pregnant.

But, I say, why wait?!

Why not begin building your prenatal community around you from the start?

prenatal fitness

At Bodies for Birth™, I’m happy to report that over the years, I’ve seen an increased number of first trimester clients utilizing our fitness services…and, I’m thrilled each time.

I’m thrilled for their proactive approach, I’m thrilled knowing that they will find support, motivation, create friendships and feel less isolated. Not to mention, will likely feel much better from the exercise, of course.

Bodies for Birth™ is currently in transition and not offering services during this time.  However, we are lucky enough to have lots of great support locally in Seattle and in the surrounding areas!  During our hiatus, please feel free to access the following resources and services:

-You can visit the Blog pages on our website for lots of helpful info on exercise throughout pregnancy

The Resources page on our website for our most trusted providers, books and websites

Seattle Holistic Center now Sri Janini Yoga offers excellent classes (a fusion of childbirth education and movement)–located in Greenlake

Aditi Yoga (also a fusion of childbirth education and movement)–located in Wallingford

Don’t hesitate to reach out and create your tribe–we all need one–especially during pregnancy and motherhood!

Guest post by Maura of Bodies for Birth; Om Mama is thrilled to be a community for not only expecting, new & seasoned moms, but also those planning on becoming moms in the future. There are so many questions & so much we can do to prepare pre-conception. Through building community & providing curated resources, Om Mama hopes to provide that home base during the isolation of the first trimester & beyond! 

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