Staying True To You: Motherhood Journals


Becoming a mother can bring on big changes, impacting your Self-identity, behaviors and perspective.  Sometimes this can lead you to question “who am I?” This question may come with self-doubt, loss of confidence, fear, and a change in your attitude  that just doesn’t feel right.  This not only impacts your own Self, but those around you that you love the most. Our self-guided weekly journals will assist you in rediscovering and staying focused on your true Self. There are three versions to choose from tailored to different stages in motherhood:  In Motherhood, As a Working Mother, and As a New Mother. Each journal includes:

  • Weekly and relevant topics to guide you to live a life of authenticity, confidence and fulfillment
  • Topics focus on your whole Self: Emotional, Physical, Mental, Social, Professional, Interpersonal, Spiritual Environment, Financial & Intellectual
  • Writing prompts and questions to help guide your thinking and exploration of your true Self
  • Space for you to set your direction through goal setting and gratitude
  • Sections to prioritize, plan, make your to-do list and track your habits
  • Additional experiential resources in the back of the journal to support your whole Self growth: Life Mission Statement Exercise, Goal Setting Best Practices, Work Life Design Planner
  • Blank pages for free writing and other creative outlets
  • Beautiful designs and encouraging words
  • Our journals will give you expert guidance with a personalized feel during your life transition, allowing you to focus on Staying True To You.

Allow us to support you in being your best Self for you and those around you!


Mothers have a tendency to put others first, and in doing so we can neglect our most important relationship…with our Self.  Our coaching journals will support you in reflecting, rediscovering and renewing your relationship with your Self.  Start your Self journey today to become your best Self for you and for everyone you love.


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