Nora’s Birth Story: Puget Sound Birth Center

From a Doula’s Perspective

Each and every single birth is a wholly unique and individual experience. When Jamie asked if I would help support her as both her doula and photographer, I was thrilled. This was my second birth center birth. While I tend to feel most comfortable supporting clients delivering in a hospital setting, the warmth and intimacy of the Puget Sound Birth Center created the perfect space for little Nora to make her way into the world. Jamie labored hard and fast on Nora’s birthday, and we made it to the center just in time for her to do a few laps around the building while the tub filled before it was time to get down to business.
The strength that mamas (that they often don’t even know they have…) tap into when they begin to push is otherworldly, and watching their partner be washed over in total awe of that experience is one of my favorite parts of witnessing a birth. Jamie was intentional and present with the support of her husband and midwife, and Nora was born into a room overflowing with love and appreciation for all the work her mama just put forth to get her here safe and sound.
Guest Post & Photography by OMC Vendor Julia Kinnunen
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