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Today we are featuring a gorgeous at home newborn session from Om Mama Collective member, Erin Schedler! We love how she capture the true authentic beauty of new parenthood! 
This was a pretty typical newborn session for me! It happened to be my last session of 2019, before I went on break. Such a beautiful one to end the year on! We shot in the client’s home, mid-morning. Most of my newborn sessions are in home since it’s easier for families, but I do have a natural light studio near the stadiums in downtown Seattle. I shoot mid-morning because babies are typically happier during that time, and the sun is higher in the sky to fill the home with more light. The session is really relaxed. I have a shot list I want, but don’t care about the order. We took the family photos first, since Dad had to leave for work. Though we’re striving for more parental leave as a society, a lot of dads don’t get much! It’s normal they can only be at the shoot for a few minutes. So I snapped those shots, then turned the focus back to mom and baby. The shoot is about an hour, more if baby needs a few feedings. I don’t like long sessions since parents and babies only have so much modeling in them, and they need their rest! I work quickly, snap photos mostly near big windows and stop whenever we need to for baby’s care.
My set-up is simple – baby on the bed with the best window light. A lot of babies don’t like to be flat on their back, so sometimes I’ll sneak more blankets underneath them to prop them at an angle. I also bring a portable heater. I find the whooshing sound, soft air, and heat can calm even the fussiest baby.
My goal is a lot of variety for the client, so I shoot baby with each parent a couple times (standing, sitting, close in, farther back). I also change out blankets so we have at least 3 “backgrounds” for baby’s portrait. Of course I make sure to snap details of toes, hands, and nursery too. I work quickly, but I shoot a lot. My galleries usually include 100+ images for a newborn session. I find parents don’t complain! It’s always fun to have tons of photos of our babies. They grow so fast!
My Photography Style
While I do shoot the pretty “holiday card photos”, with everyone smiling and looking at the camera, the majority of my work is natural and candid. My sessions encourage play and movement and silliness. When we are genuinely having fun (not forcing awkward poses) we connect emotionally and physically to the people around us. It’s those connections that make the best photos. Beauty through the chaos is my motto! I love natural light and bright colors too. While the recent trends have been darker, moodier tones, it’s just not me. My edit is clean, crisp, with bold but natural colors. I want my images to stand the test of time, so you love them now, and 30 years from now too. All in all I want clients to view their gallery and see themselves. Nicely lit, from attractive angles of course but see their beautiful real. Nothing forced. Just the beauty, love, and silliness that makes their family, their family.
Erin Schedler of Erin Schedler Photography is a Seattle area Family Photographer capturing candid moments with timeless photos.
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