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Fresh 48 Session

If you have been searching for Newborn Photography on the Google or Pinterest or Instagram…you may have run across the term “Fresh 48”.

I know when I was pregnant and looking for new services or products, I would constantly wonder what I was signing up for…and reading “Fresh 48″… I had a few thoughts. Like, is my baby going to be fresh enough? 48 whats? Oh hours, 48 hours… oh man what am I going to look like that soon after birthing my child?? So many thoughts.

But, please let me help you ease your concerns.

First, yes childbirth is a whirlwind. You are welcoming a new human into this world. No matter your birthing plans, this is a big day for your family. There is already so much to prepare for, and I want to make your photography choice a breeze.

A Fresh 48 is where your photographer enters your birth space or home to document your family and new baby within 48 hours of their birth. This is not for every family, but those that chose this option will have images of their family in the hours after your baby has arrived. Documenting the smallest of details, like swaddling your newborn for the first time, or their first waking hours with their eyes wide open. Things that you never knew could change so quickly.

I am a firm believer, that you should welcome a photographer into your space when you are ready. Especially after such a large event that affects you physically, mentally and spiritually. Phew. Whether we document your newborn at 1 day or 1 month or 3 months, we are documenting those details that will hold up to time.

Time, like they all tell you, passes by in a flash. And these images are not only for you but for the baby soon to be in your arms.”

Alec Mills of Alec Mills Photography is a Seattle Area Family and Newborn Photographer documenting the stories + textures of our every day and turning them into art.

You can follow Alec on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/alecmillsphotography/

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