Pregnant and Hungry? We got you!

We want to share a brand new local business with our OMC readers, our friend Kendra has just launched a collection of pregnancy-friendly recipes. Pregnant and Hungry is a subscription-based website featuring simple, pregnancy-safe recipes for the modern mama-to-be. They go beyond pregnancy-safe listicles and old-school cookbooks to elevate pregnancy-friendly cooking with a focus on women, food, tech, and design.


It all started with a conversation about prosciutto. My best friend spilled the beans while pregnant with her daughter—tasty deli meat treats are a no-go when you’re knocked up. *Insert dramatic jaw drop here* If that’s true, what else did I not know? And more importantly, what resources could I count on? Naturally, this led to searching for a definitive source of pregnancy-friendly recipes and nutrition facts all in one place, but lo and behold, it didn’t exist. So I made one! Pregnant and Hungry is for you and (future) me. 


Pregnant and Hungry is the only searchable collection of recipes on the internet with filters by pregnancy-specific ailments, cravings, dietary restrictions, and meal types. On top of that, it makes meal planning (and grocery shopping!) a total breeze in just a few clicks. Our wholesome recipes are developed by women, for women. Eating for two? We got you.


Exhausted or sleep-deprived? Try adding energy-boosting ingredients to your next meal—and don’t forget to drink water! Naturally boost energy, no caffeine required: sleep more, lower your stress (easier said than done), regularly exercise, eat a nutritious protein-rich diet, avoid high-sugar foods and simple carbs, stay hydrated, and keep social. You got this, Mama!


Just like Om Mama Co., we’re here to make your life easier! Download all our PDF guides here: for all your pregnancy ailments. Newly pregnant? Congrats! Deep dive into our pages on Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid, and Prenatal Vitamins.


Enter “OMMAMACO” at checkout to get your first month FREE on your Monthly Subscription ($9 value) to Pregnant and Hungry.

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