Family Photographs Year-Round

When I say “Family Photographs”, you might think… oh yeah, we need one of those for our Christmas card. Then you line one up with a photographer sometime between September and November. However, if your family is like mine, the fall is hectic and chaotic. School has just started and routines are back in place for sanity, we are thinking about last good weather adventures, planning ahead as much as we can for the holidays and any family visits. Things are just moving fast. What I want my families to know… you don’t have to wait for the fall to take your family portraits. Take them when your heart sings to remember this moment. Take them when your extended family is visiting. Take them on your vacation. Take them to remember.

When I say “Family Photographs”, I mean… the images of you brushing your daughter’s hair while she wiggles and tries to get away….

The images of your kids rolling and twirling and jumping and climbing…you know… being kids!

The subtle gestures between you that make up your every day. These things come and go, and in 10 years. What will you look back on and want to remember?

The photograph of you all smiling for the camera for the holidays is still meaningful and beautiful. And I get that shot at our sessions as well.

But I want your session to be centered around your story, your connections. You.

I aim to capture who you are, not just what you look like, and to tell the story of where you are in life.

If you are considering hiring a photographer to document your family, why limit yourself by waiting for the fall? There are so many family traditions that span the entire year, let’s document one of them!


Guest blog Feature: Alec Mills of Alec Mills Photography shares her perspective of why you should consider getting family photos made year round! You can follow Alec on Instagram at @alecmillsphotography! Interested in sharing your story? Submit your post here!

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