Raising Toddlers: Free Online Conference

Raising Toddlers Conference

Hey, Omies! I am so excited to share an awesome opportunity with you all – The Raising Toddlers Conference: Learn to Overcome Toddlerhood Challenges While Nurturing Development With More Confidence and Ease, a free, virtual conference for parents of toddlers starting September 26th.

I was introduced to the founder, Devon, through one of our Om Mama members – Maria. They met during yoga teacher training in NYC, so you know we’re already on that OM level!

Devon not only has an impressive career & background, but is also an incredibly warm & encouraging woman. We are excited to be an affiliate partner with her FREE online conference, Raising Toddlers. Their mission is to reset the mindset that toddlerhood is terrible, and something to just grit your teeth and bear. At Om Mama, we are all about providing resources to help you overcome your parenting struggles – so this is a perfect fit!

Use this link to register, watch live & purchase replays afterwards!

The Experts

This conference brings together more than 25 experts in toddler behavior, development, positive parenting as well as family well-being to share their best tools for overcoming the everyday challenges of raising a toddler while nurturing their development and creating confidence in your parenting. 

This is the only online conference to focus solely on the needs, behavior and development of toddlers and their parents! Not only will you get access the personal wisdom and strategies of more than 25 incredible experts, you’ll also have access to several free gifts worth thousands of dollars to help you navigate toddlerhood and empower your parenting. 

The best part? This conference is 100% FREE! 

Please join me for this incredibly inspiring online conference starting Thursday, September 26, 2019. 


About Devon

Devon Kuntzman is a toddler parenting coach and the founder of Transforming Toddlerhood. She has worked with toddlers and families all over the world to transform frustration and self-doubt into confidence and empowerment. Devon supports parents through their personal parenting journey by helping them live each moment in the moment with less fear and more love. She developed this conference to dispel the myth that toddlerhood is terrible and to help parents understand their toddler’s behavior on a deeper level. 

During this conference, you will learn: 

  • Navigating transitions with less power struggles and more ease 
  • How to build healthy eating habits from the start 
  • Overcome separation anxiety 
  • To implement Montessori principles to foster your child’s development and create more peace at home 
  • Break free from the cycle of yelling 
  • How to create a strong co-parenting relationship with your parenting partner 

Please join me by reserving your seat now at no cost: REGISTER HERE!

There is an enormous amount of SUPPORT, TOOLS and WISDOM packed into this free, 5-day event. I encourage you to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to learn and grow. The Raising Toddlers Conference will transform your parenting and have a positive impact on your family that will be felt for years to come! 

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