Pregnancy Massage Tips

Guest post by Seattle Massage Therapist, Meghan Devonport LMP

Hi, I’m Meghan!
I’m a massage therapist and mama of 2. I’ve teamed up with Om Mama Co to share some tips about pregnancy massage.

Finding the right massage therapist

Experience matters! Find a massage therapist with perinatal education/certification. Plan ahead and start a regular massage regimen while building your care team. It’s never too early to start!

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

~ Reduces stress

~ Improves circulation

~ Decreases swelling

~ Reduces pain/discomfort

~ Improves sleep

~ Balances posture

~ Stabilizes hormone levels

What to Expect

Pregnancy massage is a little different from a regular session. You can expect:

~ Less pressure

~ No scent

~ No heat

~ No pressure points that could stimulate induction


Having the proper support for your body is key. Pregnancy cushion systems and pillows are great. During the 3rd trimester, a side-lying position is best for supporting uterine ligaments. When face up, a 45 degree angle is optimal.

Massage Scheduling

Plan ahead! Many massage therapists book out pretty far in advance. If planning ahead is not your thing, ask about waitlists an dlet them know you are expecting.

Recommended Frequency

1x /month up to week 24
2x /month weeks 24-36
1x /week weeks 34-40 +

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