Mindful Moment

It’s OK

Hey, friend. How ya doing? Did you set a ton of big exciting, (hopefully a *little* scary) goals for 2019? I hope you did – but I also wanted to give you a little pep talk… aka give myself a little pep talk. We’re 9 days in to the new year. 9 days. It’s OK that you haven’t accomplished all the things on your list yet… hello! You have 356 more days! I always come out of the gate blazing – ready to take on all. the. things. But you may be tired from the holidays. You may have a little one keeping you up at all. Hours. Of. The. Night. You may be overwhelmed by all the stuff you want to do. So start small. Take it one thing at a time, and above all else, make sure to make time for yourself & what’s important to YOU. Get in a habit of consistency rather than setting yourself up for burn out. And know I’m sitting here – behind my computer – cheering you on & that I feel you, too. We got this!

Take Time

One step I’m taking is consistently showing up and blogging here once a week! I love sharing about the amazing members of our community & their inspiring & insightful expertise with you.

Please, take a minute to unwind with this “Mindful Moment”. Julietta takes you on a journey away from your stress with a mindful moment. Watch this video and follow along with some deep breaths. Enjoy!

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