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By Om Mama Collective member, Jennifer Loomis, Seattle Maternity Photographer

I have worked in the field of maternity photography since 1994. Every session reaffirms my awe of the innate power of the mother. When my client J came into the studio for her pre-consultation I was immediately intrigued by her grace, beauty, and empowered sense of self. At pre-consultations I often ask my clients a series of questions, including “tell me how you feel in your body?” J replied, “I don’t think I am a photogenic person, but I love my body right now.” This statement is something that I often hear from my clients and feel that my job is to prove them wrong and make them feel beautiful just as they are! While I do some retouching, I prefer a more realist approach and prefer to show the beauty of their body as it is, using posing and lighting. 

J said what was important about her 2nd pregnancy is that she felt more empowered emotionally and mentally. She had “meditated on pregnancy and what creation meant to her, and its connection to the creator and feminine divine creator.” She wanted the session to symbolize family and exuding beauty, power and confidence and making space for her family. 

If I could sum up the session in one word I would say holistic. J was empowered and supported by her daughter and husband. She is the epitome of a powerful female who is centered in herself. I have no doubt she will pass that graceful strength on to her daughters. 

My best photographs are often captured when I have lost myself in the magic of the moment, all that exists for that second is what is happening in front of me. I love black and white photography because it is timeless and allows the actual shape and form of the mother to come through, along with some kind of emotion conveyed using gesture and light. Fine Art black and white photography never goes out of style or becomes dated. I prefer documentary-style or candid photos because these are more unique and allow each client’s personality to shine through. 

I have photographed more than 4000 women and their families during my time in business. My clients are female entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, CFOs, CEOs, athletes, celebrities, musicians, stay-at-home mothers, teachers, and others. As one of the earliest pioneers in maternity photography, I like to use my experience and creativity to make a unique photograph of your beautiful pregnancy and family. For the past 20 years, I have highlighted the pregnant female form around the world, and I love my work. I was also a professional photojournalist for 15 years, which gave me the skills that I use in my maternity and family photography to capture your special one-of-a-kind moments. I hope my legacy is to empower and make women feel beautiful. Pregnancy is such a special time, I feel fortunate to be the artist women trust to capture this memory. 

Jennifer Loomis is a master of black and white fine art maternity and family photography. Credited with being the pioneer in maternity photography genre, Jennifer has 20 years of creating unique one-of-a-kind artistic pregnancy photography for her clients using light, shape, and form. Jennifer uses her photojournalism experience to capture special family photography elevating loving moments between parents and their babies to create lifetime memories. 

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