14 Favorite Family Activities in Seattle

With Summer upon us, school ending, and the lightening of COVID restrictions, I don’t know about you, but we are ready to plan some fun outdoor activities in Seattle with our families. Aside from the big summer plans like camping trips and the 4th of July with family, we asked our Om Mama Co vendors for ideas about what they like to do with their littles in the warmer months, and here’s what they had to say:

Maura : Bodies for Birth

Low Tide walks!  We’re on the mission to find an octopus this summer.  We saw an itty bitty, baby one last summer and have been on the hunt to find another one ever since!

Alex : Sweat With Sweeney

I love going to the Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle Aquarium (preferably not on the weekends!). Also, just getting outside to a park in the city where he can play.

Desiree : Pediatric Sleep Coach

I love exploring the parks.  I especially love Carkeek Park.  Oh, and how can I forget, now that the twins are older I have taken them whale watching and we do an annual stay in Coupeville and jumping on a ferry to explore visiting the San Juan Islands.

Lisa : Organized by Lisa

One of our favorite things to do is walk the beach and hunt for sea glass. I love the conversations we have as we stroll up and down celebrating the success of finding the glass. It’s amazing how organic and open the conversation is when you engaged in an activity, and eye contact is not being made. My only hope is that we can continue this in the pre-teen and teen years when there can be a lot on their little minds. 

Amy : The Riveter

We love to swim! We swim indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer. I was a competitive swimmer growing up and I love that the girls take as much joy in it as I do!

In the summers, we have regular potlucks at our neighborhood playground with friends. Those sunny evenings, and getting to actually sit and talk with friends because the kids are running around is the best. (And in the winter, my kid’s favorite activity is popsicle baths- a nearly daily favorite- I love it because they are contained & the bath takes care of popsicle mess, and my kids love it because of the popsicles!)

Erin : Erin Schedler Photography

Anything in nature! We hike Discovery Park, Snoqualmie Pass, and get out on the Sound and Lake Washington whenever we can. 

Kiara : K Hancock Events

My kids are wild. They love the fresh air and being in the dirt, so we always enjoy any outdoor adventure that has room to run and new stuff to get into and get dirty. I could live without them getting dirty part, but I am trying to support what they love and not get in the way of that. Do you. However, the first time someone brings a living breathing critter in my house…that wills top.

Allison : Body Motion Physical Therapy

Love the zoo, brier city park, Maple Leaf Park, Mountlake terrace pool…… and our newest fun adventure will be supporting the Seattle NHL team The Kraken and the Northgate hockey rinks :0

Lexi : Kalon Spa

Hiking and/or horseback riding.

Kelsey : Nested Sleep

We live in Magnolia so we go to Discovery Park at least once a week. It’s amazing I can live this close to the city and be running through fields with my kids! It still takes my breath away every time.

Brittnie : Esva Healing

Before COVID we loved going to see live music. Seattle has so many kid-friendly concerts, especially in the summer, and my whole family loves to dance. But we also love climbing and camping in the Seattle area.

Dana : Esva Healing

Explore the city and go on new adventures. We got paddleboards last summer and that was a highlight for us. My 4yo was super resistant at first but by the end of the summer, she was a champ. I’m hoping to get out camping more this summer. We’ll see what COVID brings. I miss going to concerts and taking my kids to see live music.

Lily : Ida Love Dresses

When my kid was little, we did it all. Roller skating, beaches, playrooms, zoo, aquarium, museums, ice cream walks, lots of picnics and lunches, just the two of us or with friends. These days we mostly do trampoline time or neighborhood walks. We also go for drives and listen to a LOT of Taylor Swift and various musicals. 

Need more ideas,

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